How is the impact of TikTok clips on the purchase process?

The fact that we live in a world that is constantly changing has contributed to our changing with it, thus adapting to new habits. most of people do everything through a screen, from making purchases to chatting. That is why social networks have decided to innovate, incorporating tools on their platforms that can help users carry out all kinds of actions with them, as is the case with TikTok. This has made a report to know the impact of your videos on the purchase process of consumers.

TikTok, the video social network, has published a report where a survey has been carried out to find out the opinion of users on the evolution of the purchase path and how videos can modify the way in which brands and consumers interact. It is what is known as ‘Infinite loop’. Enables brands to build relationships with consumersand, in this way, create communities of brand loyalty, repeat purchases and higher spending.

TikTok brand marketing insightsTikTok brand marketing insights

“TikTok’s path to success has been based on putting power in the hands of our users, building around their behaviors, and following their lead.” it is stated in the release.

Increased impact of TikTok on consumer purchase

  • 49% of users declare that TikTok is a social network where you can discover something new.
  • 44% affirm discover new products of the brand thanks to the platform.
  • 1 in 4 respondents mentioned a brand in one of your videos.
Source: TikTok

The platform, in it, has mentioned three main points that may be important when it comes to impacting the consumer’s purchasing process:

  1. TikTok is changing marketing and, with it, the buying process. According to the results of the survey, many respondents have stated that the platform affects purchases, since there are several videos that appear showing brand products. Even the function of these products. The fact that there are people who record videos showing those products and using them themselves to see if they really work, contributes to an increase in wanting to buy it.
  2. TikTok’s influence continues after purchase. The creativity of the platform makes users continue to want to opt for this social network.
  3. All users are united by the same feeling: joy. In the report, the social network itself states that “TikTok uplifts users through the power of positive sentiment, which also has an undeniable impact on their purchases and relationships with brands.”

The buying process is changing, like everything else, is starting to go digital. The same happens with the consumer, who are looking for a different tool to be able to find new products that are of interest to them, and what better way than through TikTok? It entertains you, and, in addition, you can find new products and new brands.

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