How is life for Sushmita Sen after the heart attack? The actress said: ‘Diseases now scare me’

As soon as the news broke that Sushmita Sen had a heart attack, fans of the actress got quite nervous. This year, in the month of March, when Sushmita Sen informed people about a heart attack through her Instagram account, everyone was shocked. Sushmita Sen had to undergo an angioplasty and along with it she also had a stent placed. At the same time, the actress has now spoken about her heart attack.

Sushmita recently gave an interview to News18 about her illness. In this, Sushmita openly talked about the heart attack phase of her. The actress said that these diseases do not scare her, but teach her to start life again. Along with this, the actress said that all these things make her even more careful.

When Sushmita suffered a heart attack in early March, the actress was busy filming the web series ‘Arya Season 3’. Due to health problems, the filming of the web series had to be stopped halfway. Now the actress has returned to her work on the advice of her cardiologist. After returning to her work, the actress has also finished filming the third season of Arya. Along with this, she has also completed another project ‘Tali’.

Sushmita said about her phase that ‘this is a time that will pass. This phase has taught me to handle things even better. The actress said that when life gives you a second chance, you must respect it. They say that due to the heart attack, there was a 95 percent blockage in an artery of Sushmita Sen, for which the actress had to take a break from her work. But now, once again, Sushmita Sen has returned to the world of cinema.

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