How high can XRP rise if Ripple wins the lawsuit against the SEC?

How is Ripple’s lawsuit going?

The lawsuit between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may be the most pivotal case in the crypto world to date. The verdict is expected to be handed down in the coming months, but there are differing views on what the outcome may be.

It remains unclear whether Ripple will be punished or acquitted. However, if we assume that Ripple wins the lawsuit, the price of XRP could increase significantly. It is difficult to predict how large this potential price increase would be. However, we will try to make an estimate below.

How far can the XRP price rise?

If Ripple wins the lawsuit against the SEC in the coming weeks or months, it would be great news for the XRP token. A significant price increase is then almost guaranteed. But how high can the price climb?

In this scenario, a rapid price increase to the psychological level of 1 dollar seems very realistic. The XRP price only needs to more than double. Many analysts believe that the price increase will be even greater if the lawsuit turns out positively for Ripple. According to some, a price increase to an all-time high of $3.40 is therefore a possibility.

However, a price increase to 7 or 10 dollars seems less likely. Reaching such a price level will probably only happen in a future crypto bull market.

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