How does Cleveland feel about Ricky Rubio?

The team and his teammates express their support and respect for the choice of the Spanish player

The basketball world is shocked by the news Ricky Rubio, star player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, has decided to put his sports career on hold focus on your mental health. The franchise’s general manager, Koby Altman, issued a statement providing an update on the player’s decision, stressing the importance of respecting his privacy at this sensitive time.

This surprising decision has drawn reactions from both former team-mates and other clubs, all of whom have collectively supported him in his mental health battle. In the statement, Koby Altman announced that the Spanish player had decided to temporarily retire from his glorious basketball career. professional to focus on your mental health.

    Cleveland Ricky Rubio
A team dedicated to your mental health

Cleveland Cavaliers unconditional support for Ricky Rubio

Although there a Due to the unexpected choice, the team unanimously supported the player’s decision and promised to provide him with the necessary support on this difficult path. Altman stated, “We understand how difficult this decision has been for him and will try to be as supportive as possible while respecting Ricky’s request for privacy.”

News of the Spanish player’s career break resonated throughout the basketball community and beyond.. Like the Spanish side and several of his former teammates, the legendary Pau Gasol and his former club, FC Barcelona, ​​also joined the chain of support by sending messages of solidarity and encouragement to the player.

A dedicated team

Consistent with their commitment to the integrity and welfare of their players, the Cleveland Cavaliers have chosen to strictly respect player choice. Through an emotional message on their social media, the team expressed: “Difficult paths always lead to valuable goals. We are with you, Ricky, in everything.” This gesture reaffirms the franchise’s commitment to its players and underscores the importance of mental health in the world of sport.

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Definitive, Ricky Rubio’s bold decision to put his sanity ahead of his sports career shocked the basketball community and has demonstrated the importance of addressing the emotional well-being of athletes. The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by general manager Koby Altman, set an example of respect and support by backing Rubio’s election and showing solidarity during these challenging times.

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