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While the job search can become painful, the idea of ​​making it a game can seem crazy. If you are looking for a job, you probably don’t want to gamble. People who are unemployed indeed go through difficult times. They have to mourn their old job, they see former colleagues continuing to work as before, and it is painful to have to start or go back to looking for a job.

In an attempt to stop this suffering, you can try applying the mechanics of the game to your job search, as the similarities between the two are many. And this allows you to look more detached from what you are going through. When we play Monopoly, for example, we all start from square one and the job of our dreams is square one.

Before you start the game, study the rules of the game. In the world of job hunting, the rules change every three years, so be sure to update what you know. You can also strategize based on your professional and personal goals. And choose your pawn wisely. Because be careful! Do not take the pawn of the job seeker, but the winning pawn, that is to say that of the job finder. Before starting, also try to have the right cards in hand: a good CV, short and adapted, a great presentation pitch, a motivation email, more impactful than a cover letter …

And then, start playing. There, either we only respond to job offers that we see, or we also send spontaneous applications to increase our chances. But beware, luck often invites itself into the game. And you’ll often feel like she’s never on your side! It’s infuriating, but it’s the game as they say, so don’t be put off by that aspect. Rather, you should try to create alliances with your competitors and even with recruiters, who should not be your enemies. And the most important thing in the research process is to practice. The more we train by going to many interviews, the better we will be …

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