How did Zee Mohammed Rafi get his first hit song in Tanghali? the history is very interesting

Whoever did not play the magic of Mohammad Rafi’s voice, whoever listened to him would go crazy for him forever. He has sung more than one hit song in his movie career. Rafi became the voice of all the great actors of his day, but there was a time when Rafi sahib was fascinated by every penny. At that bad time, music director Naushad gave Rafi a break and got him a break into the film industry. After that opportunity Naushad gave him, Rafi never looked back.

Rafi Sahab got her first movie job as a chorus girl in KL Sehgal’s film Shahjahan. After completing the recording, she sat on the set of the film. The musician Naushad saw that person sitting. Naushad asked Rafi about going home. Given this, Rafi said that she has to work tomorrow and if there is no money to return, she then sat down. Naushad said that if she had taken the money, Rafi replied how she would have taken the money without doing all the work. Naushad was very impressed with this response from Rafi, he also gave her the chance to sing a song in one of his movies with money from him. The first hit song of Rafi’s film career was ‘Dil Ho Kabu Mein To Dildar Ki Aisi Taisi Gaya’, performed by Naushad.

After this Naushad sang Mohammad Rafi songs in many more movies. After this, Mohammed Rafi became a great singer in Hindi cinema with the songs sung in the film Baiju Bawra. At Baiju Bawra, Rafi worked so hard that he even gushed blood from his throat. This hard work of Mohammad Rafi paid off and even today his name is taken with great respect in the world of singing. He is alive among us to this day through his songs.

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