How did the toy break? The footage returned thousands of dollars to the child’s father

HONG KONG: Children keep breaking toys, but an expensive toy was broken by a child in a Hong Kong store, for which his father had to pay a heavy fine. However, the situation changed when footage of the incident came to light. Done.

According to the details, a picture of a toy store in Hong Kong appeared on Facebook, in which a family was seen standing around the scattered remains of a toy called Lala the Teleby Toby. These pictures went viral on Facebook. ۔

It was reported that the son of a man named Cheng had kicked and smashed the toy, at which the store staff warned him and demanded payment for the toy, to pay the child’s father S 5,879. Big.

When the photos went viral on Facebook, social media users also expressed outrage at the child, and sympathized with the store.

However, CCTV footage soon surfaced, showing the opposite, showing that the 5-year-old boy did not kick the toy, but tried to lean on it, which Due to which he fell and broke.

When the footage surfaced, the public reacted against the toy store, at which the store returned the money to the boy’s father, and apologized to the family.

Store KKPlus said in a statement that it would improve the inside of the store to avoid such incidents, as the toy did not fall off but fell off easily, prompting social media users to question the 1.8-meter-long toy. Why wasn’t it better kept safe or secure?

The store manager later admitted that the management could have taken better precautions.

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