How did the Rohingya camps catch fire? Alarming revelations

Bangladesh’s investigative panel has declared the horrific fires in Rohingya Muslim camps as planned sabotage.

Fires Displacing Thousands of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Camps, Fire Investigation Panel Says "It was a sabotage plan.

About 2,800 shelters and more than 90 facilities, including hospitals and educational centers, were destroyed in the March 5 fire, leaving more than 12,000 refugees homeless, officials said.

Rohingya Muslim camp fire, ‘everything burnt’

Senior district government official Abu Sufyan, who heads the seven-member investigation committee, said the fire in Cox’s Bazar was planned.

He said that the fire broke out in several places at the same time, which proves that it was a planned operation. , there were firings and clashes between different groups in this camp.

He said that we have recommended further investigation to the law enforcement agency to identify the groups behind the incident. The preliminary investigation report is based on the information taken from 150 witnesses.

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