Home Entertainment How did the Mexican actor Xavier Marc die?

How did the Mexican actor Xavier Marc die?

¿Cómo murió el actor mexicano Xavier Marc?

On February 19, the actor Xavier Marc was found dead, at the age of 74, in strange circumstances that could be a possible suicide.

The National Association of Actors of Mexico (ANDI) announced the death of the actor: “"The National Association of Interpreters communicates the sensitive death of interpreting partner Xavier Marc. Mexican actor, director and teacher, with an extensive television career".

On the other hand, the actress Laura Zapata shared on Twitter she wrote the following message: "Actor Xavier Marc ended his life. He was very sick, he left a letter that said: ‘We will still be with God’… May God receive him in his Holy Glory. We said goodbye to him with applause a few days ago when we saw him outside the ANDA".

According to the Excelsior newspaper, there are several reports that indicate that he had an accident in a building of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, however, it has not been confirmed.

The cited media indicates that paramedics arrived at the accident area, and now the authorities are investigating what happened. While the family has not issued any official statement regarding the causes of the artist’s death.

Infobae publishes, that the red note reporter Carlos Jiménez reported through his Twitter account that, supposedly, the artist would have been found on a rooftop next to the place where he lived after having thrown himself from a sixth floor. This information has not been confirmed by relatives of the actor.

“ACTOR XAVIER MARC IS FOUND DEAD The 88-year-old actor apparently threw himself from a 6th floor in Col. Rincón del Bosque @AlcaldiaMHmx Paramedics found him on a neighboring roof. Although they sought to help him, he died there. Staff from @SSC_CDMX and @FiscaliaCDMX got to the point,” reads the tweet.

Xavier Marc participated throughout his television career in soap operas "love without makeup", "cheap spring", "love barrier", "Maria Belen", "love has no color", "The child who came from the sea"among others.

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