How did the cat thank you for saving his life? The video went viral

After the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the process of saving the lives of people buried in the rubble continues, while strange and surprising events are also coming to light.

Another similar shocking incident has come to light but this is not a human but a cat story.


Videos and photos circulating widely on social media show a cat clinging to a Turkish aid worker and showing intense affection towards him.

According to Al Arabiya News, the rescue worker pulled the cat out from under the rubble, the cat clinging to the worker in a show of loyalty and refused to back down.

In the pictures, the cat can be seen sitting on the worker’s shoulder, the cat refuses to let go. The cat’s behavior seems to be expressing gratitude to its benefactor.

May be an image of 1 person, cat and indoor

The cat, meanwhile, was sniffing the worker’s face and refusing to let him go, until, seeing the cat’s attachment, decided to adopt him and took him home.

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