How did Shekhar land the role that Shashi Kapoor’s two sons and the entire industry were looking for?

Bollywood actor Shekhar Suman started his career with the movie Utsav. When he came to Mumbai to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor, he landed a role in the first film Utsav in just 15 days. At that time, Shekhar was married with a child. During an interview, Shekhar told how he got his first film.

During an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Shekhar Suman said that he was sure that he would not be noticed even as a person, let alone as an actor. Shekhar Suman said, ‘I got a role in the festival just 15 days after reaching Mumbai. This in itself is a miracle. This was the biggest break for a newcomer. Those who talk about nepotism should know that Shashi Kapoor was the producer of the film. Both his own children wanted this role. Actually, the whole industry wanted it because it was this famous role.

Shekhar Suman further said, ‘When I reached Bombay Central and saw the crowd of thousands, I told my wife that we should return from here. When he (Shashi Kapoor) was talking to me, he offered me a role in Utsav in 15 minutes. They asked me to meet with Girish Karnad, he also approved. In this way, Shekhar Suman was cast in the first film. Shekhar says that this has never happened in the history of the film industry in Mumbai and it will never happen in the future.

The actor also revealed that some Bollywood people were envious of his popularity and then negativity started to spread around him. Shekhar (Shekhar Suman) said that rumors spread that he is not punctual and demands more fees. By the way, Shekhar Suman’s film career was nothing special. After this, he turned to television. His television show Movers and Shakers was much discussed. This show gave a new flight to his career.

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