How did Alok Nath become Sanskari Babuji from a romantic hero? A dispute changed the whole life

His journey in the world of cinema began with ‘Gandhi’. After that, he appeared in the role of a romantic hero and became a villain many times, but once he played the role of a father, he became famous as Bollywood’s Sanskari Babuji. We are talking about Alok Nath who was born on July 10, 1956 in Khagaria, Bihar. In the birthday special, let’s come face to face with some pages of Sanskari Babuji, that is, the life of Alok Nath…

Alok Nath, originally from Bihar, spent the early years of his life in Delhi. Actually, his father was a doctor and wanted Alok to be a doctor too. During his school and university studies, Alok became interested in acting. In such a situation, he joined the Ruchika Theater Group of the university. At the same time, he learned the tricks of acting by studying at the National School of Dramatic Art for three years.

Alok Nath, who has gained recognition both in Bollywood and on the small screen, has worked in some 140 films in his career. At the same time, he has also appeared in more than 15 television series. Tell them that Alok Nath’s career began with the film Gandhi. The character of him in this movie was very small but afterwards he had to fight a lot in Mumbai to make Pahan. You may be surprised to know that although Alok is known today as Sanskari Babuji, he too played the role of a romantic hero in the early part of his career. Alok Nath gave very daring scenes in the movie ‘Kamagni’ released in 1987. Apart from this, he also played the character of Villain in many movies.

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Now the question arises as to how Alok Nath, who played the role of both a romantic hero and a villain, became the sanskari Babuji of the big screen. In fact, Alok Nath played the role of a man raising a child in the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak in 1988. After this, he played the role of father and father-in-law in many movies and TV series, in which he became very popular. Due to this, the image of him became that of a cultured Babuji.

If media reports are to be believed, the heat of the #MeToo campaign that began some time ago had reached even Alok Nath. During that time, a production company accused him of harassment. It is said that many of these cases have come to light, when Alok Nath had lost control over himself under the influence of alcohol.

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