How did a brave 80-year-old woman earn a master’s degree?

Cairo: A brave 80-year-old woman from Egypt has obtained her master’s degree and is now busy preparing for her Ph.D.

Amal Ismail, an 80-year-old Egyptian woman, has received a master’s degree with distinction from the Faculty of Arts in Mansoura, Cairo.

Dozens of Amal’s grandchildren celebrated and even debated Amal’s thesis at the university, an elderly Egyptian woman told media that she had fought a long and bitter struggle to continue her education.

Amal Ismail

The elderly woman “” In an interview, he talked about his constant struggle in life and how he coped with the setbacks that came his way.

He said that my education stopped after getting my primary certificate as a child. After that I got married and got busy raising my children.

I got cancer at the age of 38. A year ago, I had decided to complete my studies, but due to illness, my studies stopped again.

At the Egyptian Women's University

“I did not give up and completed my primary education during the first phase of treatment,” he said. Due to busy circumstances in raising their children, education stopped once again. After 30 years her husband died and I started living a lonely life.

So I decided to spend my free time in continuing my education. Amal further said that when I reached the age of 70, I joined secondary school and faced many difficulties during my studies.

These difficulties included the disapproving glances of others, but I strengthened my resolve. He completed high school amid the encouragement of his grandchildren.

Amal Ismail discussing the thesis

After that, I joined the Faculty of Arts and got my Bachelor’s degree, then I turned my attention to fulfilling my scientific ambitions, so I joined the Sociology Department of the Faculty. Decided to prepare for master’s thesis.

During this three-year academic journey, I completed my dissertation. During my Masters studies I faced health crises.

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