How Damien, 29, became a farmer in Australia

Wishing to break free from their routine and “leave the gloomy atmosphere” that reigned in France following the Covid-19 pandemic, Damien and his partner, after having resigned, decided to emigrate as part of a PVT (Working Holiday Program or Permit). Result: the couple now works on a farm in Western Australia.

A mission in total autonomy

“There are only two of us, the owners trust us completely,” rejoices Damien. They tell us what we have to do for the week and we do it. They trained us for a few months, and now we know how to take care of absolutely the whole farm! It can go through picking, tree maintenance, green space maintenance, etc. “.

“We said to ourselves that we were going to learn a new language, but above all work to save as much money as possible. And we are paid at least 5,000 Australian dollars monthly for 50 hours of work per week, specifies the young man. Even with broken English, what will count is your ability to understand and work… but hard, very hard, and a lot. “.

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