How crypto will immortalize Michael Jackson’s music

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World-famous artist Michael Jackson will be immortalized on the blockchain. One of the first studio demos, when Michael Jackson was just 8 years old, is being released as digital vinyl on Swedish blockchain music platform Anotherblock.

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Big Boy NFT

These are recordings of the song Big Boy. They are 56 years old and date from July 13, 1967. This is the first time that the recordings have been made publicly available. The recording will be available on Anotherblock for 4 days, allowing users to purchase the digital version of it. It offers fans a new way to own and experience music, in line with the growing trend of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the music industry.

The release was made possible through a collaboration with Recordpool, the owner of the recording. Anotherblock also acts as a marketplace where music rights and royalties can be bought and sold. This offers artists and rights holders a new way to generate revenue and fans and investors to invest in music. In addition to Michael Jackson, other artists such as Rihanna, The Weeknd and Justin Bieber have also been made available on the platform.

Both Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson and Anotherblock CEO Michel Traore have expressed their excitement about the release. Katherine Jackson emphasizes that these recordings are a testament to the timelessness of Michael Jackson’s story and music.

Music inscriptions on the Bitcoin network

The integration of music into blockchain platforms is becoming increasingly popular. For example, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a significant update a while ago where so-called “recursive inscriptions” now allow music to be engraved directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain. The “Descent Into Darkness Music Engine” developed by the pseudonymous programmer Ratoshi takes advantage of this new technology. This innovation allows users to generate their own music pieces using just a few keywords. Ratoshi worked with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to develop the sounds, resulting in an advanced sound on chain Application.

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