How crypto miners are shaping the future for artificial intelligence

In the crypto bull market of recent years crypto miners the wind at your back. Many cryptocurrencies suddenly received a flood of capital, and energy prices were still low. But now that many networks are moving away from Proof-of-Work, many miners are out of work. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can change that.

Crypto miners are switching to AI?

So writes Ben Goertzel, CEO and founder of SingularityNET (AGIX) and president of the Artificial General Intelligence Society, via Cointelegraph. According to him, artificial intelligence is a great opportunity for miners.

It often costs a lot to train an AI model, because that requires a lot of computing power and data. Installing the right hardware is not even that complicated, according to the CEO. Having the right cooling installations and energy supply is at least as important, because that is less easy.

Crypto miners have a big head start here over some other data centers. Due to the enormous energy requirement, they already have this expensive infrastructure, which makes it relatively easy to convert them to data centers suitable for High Performance Computing (HPC)

This is exactly what some miners are already doing. Mining company Hut 8 has ethereum (ETH), among other things, but due to the upgrade under the code name The Merge, the machines came to a standstill. After this, the company transferred this mining capacity to High Performance Computing.

Goertzel writes that training OpenAI’s ChatGPT has cost more than $5 million. In addition, it costs about $ 100,000 per day to keep the demo operational. So training AI models could be a good business model. He mentions different types of models: medical, financial, architectural and customer information models.

Decentralized version of ChatGPT?

Crypto and blockchain partly originated from the idea that the economy should be able to withstand falling financial institutions. Goertzel thinks it is possible with decentralized computing power for AI for the tentacles of governments and bypass Big Tech. For example, a decentralized AI network would be possible, a kind of decentralized version of ChatGPT. A model that does not belong to a single company, but to everyone who contributes to the network.

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