Home Sports How could FC Barcelona play with Joao Félix and Joao Cancelo?

How could FC Barcelona play with Joao Félix and Joao Cancelo?

¿Cómo podría jugar el FC Barcelona con Joao Félix y Joao Cancelo?

FC Barcelona have been one of the most active clubs in the summer transfer market and two of their new signings, Joao Cancelo and Joao Félix, promise to change the tactical dynamic of the side under the leadership of Xavi Hernández. Both Portuguese players not only bring talent, but also fit perfectly into the Spanish coach’s playing system.

Joao Cancelo: A wild card in defense

Joao Cancelo’s arrival at Barcelona is a coup. His versatility is his main weapon as he can play multiple roles on the field. Not only is he a good right-back, but he can also occupy the left wing when needed. This ability gives Xavi the flexibility to adjust his lineup to the needs of the game.

One of the interesting options that Cancelo offers is his ability to act as a backwards striker. This means he can take the space in midfield, allowing Barcelona to maintain their four-midfield system (3-4-3 with the ball) while freeing up another midfielder. This could lead to more possession and control in midfield.

In addition, Cancelo’s arrival could mean players like Frenkie de Jong or Oriol Romeu needing to play further back to form a back three with the centre-backs. This could bolster the team’s defense and provide a solid base to build from the back.

Joao Felix: The creative factor

On the other hand, Joao Félix brings a creative dimension to Barcelona that he was looking for. His ability to play between the lines and act as a false left winger is a perfect complement to Robert Lewandowski’s attacking wing play.

Joao Félix’s ability to move in tight spaces, his vision of the game and his arrival in the area are key assets for Barcelona. If he can get back to peak performance and stay motivated, he could be the player who makes the difference at crucial moments of the season.

In short, new signings Joao Cancelo and Joao Félix have given FC Barcelona more tactical depth and quality in their squad. Cancelo offers defensive versatility and the ability to maintain Xavi’s play system, while Félix brings creativity and a new dimension to attack. With these two talented Portuguese in their ranks, Barcelona are well positioned to challenge for all titles next season. The eye is on how Xavi Hernández will make the most of those inclusions and form a team that promises to excite Barcelona fans.

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