How can you optimize the management of an e-commerce with an online company account?

Starting an online business may seem like a simple task, but there are a number of important considerations that must be taken into account. The focus is always on factors such as product, design, price and strategy, but the financial part plays a fundamental role and is often not given the attention it deserves. With this in mind, a bank account is essential for any business, whether traditional or online.

Why is an account necessary for every e-commerce?

The importance of a bank account is primarily that you need one to receive payments from customers. Additionally, a bank account makes it easier to keep track of the company’s finances and helps separate the company’s finances from the owner’s personal finances. It is also important to have a bank account to build a solid credit history and improve company credibility. Finally, having a bank account is also necessary to comply with tax laws and regulations. In short, a business bank account is essential for running a successful and effective online business.

Online Account vs. Traditional Banking

Compared to the offering of traditional banking, online banking companies like the French fintech Qonto offer many advantages for a business model like e-commerce:

  • Helps in starting a business. With associations such as Qonto and Finutive it is possible to create an SL in four days, from 1 €, with two calls and a visit to the notary.
  • Entire online operation. Without wasting time at the bank: you can manage your business from your computer or mobile phone while enjoying the security of fast and reliable customer service.
  • In addition to the bank account, you have other tools at your disposal that help you optimize your business management, such as the ability to generate different sub-accounts from your bank account or a whole range of safe and effective payment methods such as cards (physical, virtual or possibly), transfers (SEPA and SWIFT) or the POS.
  • They also typically include expense management tools that help improve eCommerce accounting management.

What advantages does a company account offer for an online shop?

Qonto offers specialized bank accounts for SMEs, self-employed people, entrepreneurs and start-ups, as well as a cost management tool to help you optimize resources and maintain budget control.

It offers an alternative to traditional accounts that offer the opportunity to open a free account but hide numerous commissions related to your movements.

Qonto allows customers to open a professional account for a fixed monthly fee and easily check the cost of any additional expenses that arise from day-to-day management of income and expenses.

In addition, this banking service offers physical, virtual and temporary debit cards (instant) as well as other effective and secure payment methods such as transfers (SEPA and SWIFT) or POS. A bank account designed specifically for businesses, entrepreneurs and the self-employed, Qonto has management tools that allow you to quickly flag expenses and photograph receipts to avoid wasting time-consuming bookkeeping for each month or quarter. This also makes it easier to manage multiple product, brand or supplier accounts at the same time. Or also manage invoices. Additionally, in a world where traditional banking in many cases requires hidden commissions to operate and their limitations, a professional account like Qonto allows you to manage everything 100% online and keep your personal and professional accounts separate.

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