How can travelers coming to the UAE obtain an international vaccination certificate?

According to the details, the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee has announced the procedure for the verification of international vaccination certificates of those arriving in the UAE from abroad.

According to the report, those who go through this process will get green status in the “Al-Hassan app”, only those who have been fully vaccinated will be able to visit some public places in Abu Dhabi on August 20, 2012.

Procedure for the certification of the International Certificate of Vaccination

First, before departing for Abu Dhabi, these people must register in the Arrival Registration section of the Federal Citizenship and Identity Authority app.

Second, they need to fill out the Arrival Registration Form and upload the International Vaccination Certificate along with it, then they will receive a link to download the Al-Hassan app by SMS.

Upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, visitors will receive a UID number which will be available at the airport or on the ICA app or their website, then they will need to register in the Al Hassan app download where they will enter the UID and phone number . This will come in handy even if they have to undergo a PCR test in the UAE.

Visitors will receive an OTP to complete the registration process for the Al-Hassan application. The Al-Hassan app will provide information on status, vaccination notification, test results and travel test requirements, and they will be able to use the QR code directly.

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