How can frozen spinach be healthier than fresh?

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Spinach, like other vegetables and fruits, gets its nutrients from the soil. They get them gradually until maturity.

When you buy “fresh” spinach at the supermarket, it should be picked up from the ground at a very early stage and far from ripe. This is because during the time it takes from being taken out, packaged, sometimes transported to other cities, distributed, coded and displayed for sale on the supermarket counter, it continues to mature.

This process in most cases takes days. For this reason, they must cut it while it is still very “new” to prevent it from maturing and being damaged in this entire process before it can be purchased. Therefore, when you buy these vegetables, you are only getting 20% ​​of the total nutrients.

However, spinach, like other frozen vegetables and fruits (no additives), should be ready to eat the moment it is frozen. Since the customer buys them in this state to be consumed immediately after being defrosted. So, to be ready, they are harvested when they are already “ripe”, ready to eat, so they spend more time maturing on the ground.

it is frozen vegetables and fruits they contain between 80 and 90% of the nutrients they are supposed to contain. That’s why it’s better to buy frozen fruits and vegetables than non-frozen ones, unless they’re produced locally and you’re sure they’re harvested for immediate consumption, as is the case in fields and regions where everything is produced and consumed locally. .



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