How can camels help eradicate the coronavirus?

London: British scientists claim that corona virus can be eradicated from humans through llamas and camels.

According to the international website, British scientists have discovered that the short antibodies made in llamas and camels, ie nanobodies, cause the eradication of the corona virus.

Scientists at the Rosalin Franklin Institute in the UK initially introduced the coronavirus into a llama kept in a laboratory, but a special nanobody in the llama’s body tied the virus and prevented it from spreading further.

The nanobody was isolated from the llama and the next step was to test it on hamsters that had been infected with the virus. In hamsters, the nano-body showed the same performance as the lama.

The nanobody obtained from the llama can be sprayed directly into the lungs through the nose, which is its greatest benefit.

It should also be noted that nanobodies are much smaller in size than normal antibodies, but research so far has shown that they are also effective against many viruses and microbes that are not affected by conventional antibodies.


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