How and with how much can you enter the stock market?

The stock market seems complex and that is why people may think that it is only for companies or large investors, but it is not. This is a sector that any citizen can enter.

To enter you do not need a large amount of money, it can be done with up to RD$1,000 and an account can be opened electronically, as explained by the Superintendent of Securities, Gabriel Castro, together with officials of the institution and representatives of the sector during the Listín Diario Breakfast.

The Director of Public Offering of the Stock Market Superintendence (SIMV), Olga Nivar, explained that there is no minimum amount to enter the stock market. If a person is interested, they only have to go to a brokerage position, there are currently 16 in the country, where they will recommend an instrument according to their profile.

The expert explained that the investor must take into account that it is a brokerage firm authorized by the Superintendency.

“When you access, you make your investor profile, they evaluate your risk capacity (…). They recommend a type of fixed income according to your profile… Through the brokerage position they advise you on the type of instrument that suits you according to the investment you plan to make”, commented Nivar.

The executive vice president-general manager of the Stock Exchange (BVRD), Elianne Vítchez, emphasized that approaching the authorized stock market stalls is very simple. She said that it can be done through the websites of both institutions.

small investors

The Superintendent of Securities highlighted that the stock market has a space for small investors where they do not have to compete with the big ones.

Castro pointed out that the institution develops educational campaigns in order to promote the market.

“We go to universities, to business associations, to schools… The idea is to maintain this constant exercise to work on inclusion and financial education. We reach thousands of people every year through direct courses and digital media”, he indicated.

superintendent invited people to be aware of the SIMV publications to confirm that the offers made are duly regulated.

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The director of Communications of the SIMV, Valentín Sánchez, said that as part of this education campaign developed by the institution, the textbook of the National Strategy for Economic and Financial Education (ENEEF) is being prepared, together with other entities.

book profile

The objective of the work is “to improve the economic and financial capabilities and skills of the population, through focused education and topics of interest. Promote responsible access and use of financial products and services”, explained Sánchez, who is the representative of the SIMV before the Executive Committee of the ENEEF.

indicated that it will be a didactic book aimed at young people of 14 years of age (from first year of high school) onwards, to all kinds of adult audiences interested in the subject.

He said that the text will be published at the end of this month and will be made available to schools, universities and other educational centers, at no cost to students. It will have a digital version that will include a QR code, he detailed.

The participants in the meeting highlighted that the stock market is a “swimming pool” that democratizes capital in the country and it is constantly expanding.

For this reason, they consider it essential that the population knows more and more about the market so that it can take advantage of its benefits.

digital currencies

Regarding the rise of digital currencies, the Superintendent of Securities considered that this is the future and that at some point the Dominican Republic will have to start regulating this market.

“No one is going to stop that, what you have to do is prepare… It is evident that the country will adopt its regulations at the right time because the digital world is predominant today,” Castro explained.

He said that the country has a challenge to make decisions in this regard in the coming years.


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