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Housing: Emmanuelle Wargon denounces an “extreme caricature” of her remarks on individual houses

Housing: Emmanuelle Wargon denounces an “extreme caricature” of her remarks on individual houses

Emmanuelle Wargon, thehe Minister for Housing, was the guest of “8:30 am franceinfo” Sunday, October 17, 2021. Controversy over single-family homes, massacre of October 17, 1961, government left … She answered questions from Ersin Leibowitch and Jean-Jérôme Bertolus.

“I am not at all opposed to the single-family house, the question is to know where and how we build”, explained Emmanuelle Wargon on franceinfo, regretting the “extreme caricature” made of his remarks made Thursday during a speech at the end of the process “Living in the France of tomorrow “. The Minister for Housing had qualified “the model of the pavilion with garden” of “ecological, economic and social nonsense”.

After this speech, the French Building Federation (FFB) had “deplored the persistent stigmatization of individual housing, contrary to the aspirations of the French” on Twitter.

Emmanuelle Wargon said she regretted a “extreme caricature” of his words, taken from a speech “on the model of town planning”. The goal, according to her, is to “change model” reconciling “the dream of the French, which I understand, to have space, nature, tranquility, a house. And the same need to have access to services, to be close to where they are work and can go shopping “. For this, it is possible, according to the minister, to build more townhouses grouped, terraced, like the one she herself lives, “in the east of Paris”, she suggested.

60 years after the massacre of Algerians in Paris, Emmanuel Macron denounced “crimes inexcusable for the Republic” on the occasion of an official ceremony. “It is a very important step in this work of memory”, reacted the minister, who greeted “a courageous act” of the President of the Republic. “It is important to recognize the solemnity and the importance of this act which had never before taken place”, added Emmanuelle Wargon, while some associations and members of the opposition deplore a “not insufficient”.

Invited to react on the left that Anne Hidalgo claims to embody, mayor (PS) of Paris and presidential candidate, the minister replied that “the left of government, it exists, the one which takes its responsibilities and which advances, and it is us”. Emmanuelle Wargon, who still claims to be left within the majority, explained that the idea was to go “beyond traditional software” parties, taking the example of engagement income for young people.

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