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Household appliances are also affected by shortages

The shortages are not confined to the food market or the automobile market. With the Covid-19 pandemic, these two sectors have been hit hard, aggravated for two months by the war in Ukraine. Coffee, oil, milk, mustard, semiconductors… so many elements that are missing or that are likely to be missing in the weeks to come. But another sector is bearing the brunt of two years of global pandemic and rising costs: household appliances. Our colleagues from have noticed: sometimes, to order a dishwasher, a hood, a coffee machine or a refrigerator, it’s an obstacle course.

It would also seem that the devices using the most electronic components are the most affected since they have disappeared from the shelves. Induction hobs, for example, bear the brunt of this. Thus, in stores or on online sites, the number of “unavailable” products is growing day by day. And some brands seem more affected than others, this is the case of Philips, whose Senseo coffee makers are very affected, or Bosch. “It’s very simple, we no longer have a single Bosch product on the shelf,” testifies the seller of a Darty in Paris, interviewed by .

Products blocked in containers

Our colleagues also met with a discount household appliance retailer who confirms the situation. In twenty-five years in the sector, he had never seen that, products, even high-end, are now untraceable, such as LG televisions or Smeg products. A shortage of certain items which is also explained by the confinement. Questioned by our colleagues, the director of the Boulanger offer explains that the dishwashers were very popular, because people were poorly equipped before. The strong (and sudden) demand has impacted the sector, but it would return to normal. Ditto at Philips, where the president of the Domestic Appliances France division makes the same observation with regard to coffee machines with grinders and hot air fryers. As far as Senseo is concerned, this is due to old models withdrawn from sale and a “renewal of several” others.

For its part, Bosch did not wish to respond to the , and FNAC-Darty admits “supply tensions linked to the availability of certain components”. In addition to component shortages, some items are stuck in containers in China and, above all, manufacturers have blown up some prices. The discounter interviewed by takes the example of a dishwasher that took 300 euros in a few weeks. This discourages large distributors from positioning themselves on these products.


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