Hotel in Miches will show Taino culture and DR traditions

Hotel en Miches mostrará cultura taína y las tradiciones de RD

Zemí Hotels will be inspired by the culture of the Tainos and Dominican traditions, which is why it bears the name of the god of those aborigines, the settlers of Hispaniola when Christopher Columbus first landed on the island in 1492.

The explanation was offered by Frank Elías Rainieri, CEO of Facera Holding, the promoter of the project, an initiative with an investment of more than US$181 million and in whose financing Banco de Reservas participates. The establishment is already being built and plans to open in May 2024. “Culture is not a moment, it is history,” said Rainieri to explain why promoting a different hotel, one that connects with history. “With this investment and development, I reaffirm my total commitment to the development and growth of tourism in our country and my confidence in the excellent investment climate we have,” he said.

The businessman presented his project in an activity organized in the city of Madrid by the Ministry of Tourism, the Banco de Reservas and PROMICHES, a private entity made up of the companies involved in the tourism development of the Miches municipality, in the El Seibo province, but located one hour by road from Punta Cana. He explained that they are building a super-luxury, low-density all-inclusive hotel with 520 rooms in an area that has 800 meters of beach, 380 of them with sea views, and all with swimming pools. those that remain on the first floor.

Zemí Hotels is being built in Playa Esmeralda Miches, a fishing village, and will generate more than 900 jobs in this municipality. It will occupy a construction area of ​​more than 500,000 square meters.


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