Horrific Murder of Woman at Train Station, Recognizes Killer Before Dying

In America, a woman was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend, the police arrested the killer 15 hours ago.

According to the American media, a 31-year-old man in the American city of Chicago killed his ex-girlfriend when she was waiting for a train on the platform of the transit station at night.

CCTV camera footage shows the killer stalking 26-year-old Samantha, who had been in a relationship for the past six months and had recently parted ways.

On the night of the incident, the killer followed Samantha into the underground train station and took out a knife from his pocket, while the killer kept looking behind him.

As the train approached, the killer pulled Samantha down and stabbed her repeatedly. After that, as soon as the train stopped, he boarded it and went to his home.

Samantha, badly injured, somehow managed to climb the stairs and call for help. She was shifted to the hospital with medical aid on the spot, but she died.

The killer stabbed him on the chest, stomach and arm which proved fatal.

The police tracked down the killer in the next 15 hours and arrested him after raiding his house.

The family of the victim says that even if the killer is punished, the loss that was caused by the passing away of a good-natured and full of life girl cannot be compensated.

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