Horrific fate for crypto millionaire: limbs found in suitcase

As we know, crypto is not all roses and roses. But what happened to this Argentinian crypto influencer really beats everything. Fernando Pérez Algaba, 41, was found in a lurid condition in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. This makes the New York Post known.

Fateful end for crypto influencer

Algaba looked very rich to the outside world. For example, he regularly shared snapshots of luxury cars with his 900,000 followers on Instagram. However, his success was not what it seemed. He had big debts, and he also lost a lot of money with his crypto adventures.

Chances are his fateful end has something to do with these debts. Last weekend, parts of Algaba’s limbs were found in a suitcase by children playing by a river in the Argentine capital. One of his two arms was found in the river itself. A few days later, authorities located his head and torso. Forensic examination shows that Algaba died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Based on fingerprints and tattoos, it has been determined that it concerns Algaba. The investor and businessman lived in Barcelona, ​​but stayed in Buenos Aires for a few weeks. On the day he had to return the key to his rented apartment, he stopped answering his phone.

Argentine police have arrested a suspect. Although a clear motive is absent, Algaba’s many debts seem to have something to do with the violent murder. A note was also found in his phone in which Algaba says he lost a large amount of money on the crypto market. According to his brother, his businesses and investments were indeed not doing well. But he also claims that Algaba was definitely not a fraud. He also believes that his brother was being treated for an anxiety disorder.

Violence against crypto influencers

The story is very similar to a recent event in Canada. Last December, a crypto influencer was kidnapped and assaulted there. The young man managed millions of dollars in crypto for investors, but mainly bought expensive cars with this money. After the crypto crash in November 2021, he was unable to pay back the money to duped investors. After the kidnapping, the crypto influencer promised to pay back the money.

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