A woman from Australia quarantined and set the hotel on fire.

According to international media reports, the woman was staying with her two children at a quarantine hotel in Queensland, Australia.

According to police officials, the helpline received a report of a fire on the top floor of the Pacific Hotel in Cairns, northeast Queensland, in the morning.

No casualties were reported in the blaze, but furniture and other items were reduced to ashes. As a result of this action of the woman, 160 citizens who were quarantined in the hotel had to get out.

Police arrested the woman for arson and transferred her to jail, while the children were being held at a government-run quarantine center.

Police officials said the mother and her two children had arrived from a trip abroad and had been quarantined for 14 days under SOPs. He also expressed anger.

According to the hotel management, the woman, after staying with the children for three days, first set fire to her bed in the morning, which spread all over the floor.



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