Honda’s desperate attempt to renew Marc Márquez

The Japanese multinational is keen to innovate the Spanish pilot and maintain its dominance

At Japanese multinational Honda, the determination to keep Marc Marquez in their MotoGP team is palpable. Despite the injuries sustained by the talented Spanish rider, there is still confidence in the company’s halls in his ability to succeed. In an exclusive interview, Honda President Koji Watanabe shared details of the ambitious plan they are pursuing to ensure Marquez’s tenure and continued success.

Honda’s strategy turns around two key aspects, the extension of Marc Márquez’s contract and the continuous improvement of his on-track performance. Koji Watanabe revealed that Honda executives are already in talks with Marquez to extend his contract, which expires at the end of 2024. This extension would not only ensure the star driver’s continuity within the team, but also provide him with a long-term commitment. , which provides stability and confidence in their future.

Honda Marc Marquez
A long-term plan for excellence

Honda drives innovation and determination in developing track performance for Marc Márquez

One of the most intriguing aspects of the plan Honda is the collaboration between the MotoGP development team and the 4WD development team. According to Watanabe, this synergy is designed to produce tangible results in the shortest amount of time. Honda wants to strengthen its structure and focuses its efforts on the HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) racing team to maximize innovation and efficiency in motorcycle development.

Additionally, The central piece of the puzzle is undoubtedly the bike itself. Koji Watanabe assured that Honda is determined to give Marc Márquez the bike he wants and needs to claim victory. The brand recognizes that a successful relationship with Márquez does not come naturally and that the bike must evolve to reflect his unique style and capabilities.

A renovation that goes beyond paper

In his final words, Koji Watanabe expressed the urgency of the situation and the team’s determination to ensure the Spanish rider remains part of the team. He realized the importance of providing him with a winning bike and doing so as quickly as possible. Honda struggles with reality: to keep Márquez and keep him motivated, they have to work tirelessly to overcome every technical challenge and make sure the rider feels supported and fit for the fight.

Definitely, Honda are determined to keep Marc Marquez on their team and ensure their continued success in MotoGP. The strategy includes a long-term contract extension, innovative collaboration between development teams and the delivery of a bike that adapts to the rider’s needs. Honda’s determination and focus on technical excellence reflects its commitment to keeping the ‘Hormiga de Cervera’ as a cornerstone in its quest for victories at circuits around the world.

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