Honda seeks help outside

No one could tell a few years ago, but despair at Honda is already total. The Portimao tests were the confirmation of the great chaos that exists in the brand. They promised to take steps forward and, although their work corroborates that they have tried, the objective has not been met. The most successful manufacturer in the history of MotoGP is still not up to par with its rivals and, therefore, without the necessary capacity to be part of the fight for a title. A new shock of reality shakes the Japanese who, with a week to go before the start of the course, they continue to desperately search for effective solutions to save the year. So much so that, by not finding them behind closed doors, despair over this disaster makes them reach out of their own territory. As much as it’s hard to admit, they need help.

The Portimao tests left it in sight. Although it was hoped that HRC might be able to reverse the crisis in a surprise move, the miracle did not appear. They left Portugal with the idea of ​​making the most of what they had and praying that they would have something new at the Jerez tests in May that would help them improve and, at least, get a little closer to Ducati or Aprilia. An unprecedented situation: without starting the season and with his head set three months from now. Very bad feelings for a season in which they hoped to be candidates for everything again. For this reason, they must use a strong hand and, according to speed weekthe reaction on the part of the golden wing has already started: Honda has commissioned Kalex to manufacture a completely new chassis for Marc Márquez’s MotoGP. The intention is that the piece arrives for the next tests in the Andalusian circuit.

The worst omens for the Japanese brand have come true. Honda has had to swallow its pride and ask for support from a European company, dominant in Moto2, to manufacture one of the most important parts of the motorcycle and thus be able to get out of the blockade in which they have been submerged for three years. Accustomed to making all their pieces, this turns out to be a step backwards that, they hope, It’s to gain momentum. In addition, Kalex had already been chosen by the brand to manufacture a swingarm a few months ago that they continue to use in all their prototypes. Now, the union between both companies seems to continue to grow, thanks also to the arrival of Ken Kawauchi to the box as the new technical director of HRC and the intention to find with them the traction they lack to be able to advance. He looked for himself in a new chassis that Stefan Bradl tested in Jerez and they took to Portimao, with a certain resemblance to what Suzuki had (Ken’s influence), but that Márquez quickly rejected on the first day. However, Joan Mir still has doubts.

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