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Honda presents incredible improvements to launch Marc Márquez to the comeback in MotoGP

Alberto Puig announces improvements to boost the Spanish rider in his fight to come back in the championship

This is exciting news for MotoGP fans, Alberto Puig, the team boss Repsol Honda has announced that important improvements will be implemented on the RC213V to help Marc Márquez climb back in the championship. Although radical changes are not expected in the short term, Honda technicians in Tokyo are working hard to mitigate the driver’s weaknesses and allow him to fight for podiums and victories again.

Given the expectation generated by the return of Márquez, Alberto Puig has recommended the eighth champion to remain calm on his return to competition at Silverstone. Besides, He acknowledges that although there will be progress after the break, a completely transformed bike cannot be expected any time soon. “After the break we will surely take steps forward, but we must be aware that we will not have a fantastic bike. Things are not going as we would like and there will be no radical changes”, confirms Puig.

Marc Marquez Honda
Puig admits that the driver is not at his best and that he has suffered multiple crashes, especially in Germany.

Challenges for Marc Márquez at Honda: looking for solutions given the current performance of the bike

Alberto Puig has also admitted that the team is facing difficulties to bring the bike to the required level, and the results obtained by the riders They have not been as expected. The Repsol Honda team boss points out that they are constantly working on improvements, but they acknowledge that they still have to go deeper to identify the problems and find the right solutions.

Regarding the state of Marc Márquez, Puig admits that the pilot is not at his best and that he has suffered multiple falls, especially in Germany. The current performance of the bike does not meet the needs of the world champion, which has led to understandable discontent on the part of the rider. However, Alberto Puig highlights Márquez’s perseverance and attitude, always ready to push harder and never give up.

Perspectives to overcome current challenges

The words of Alberto Puig make it clear that the team is committed to the success of Marc Márquez and is willing to do whatever it takes to help you overcome today’s challenges. Puig emphasizes that it is not just about the rider’s skills, but also about the need to improve the bike. Although Márquez’s return after the summer break is expected to reveal a different perspective, we will have to wait and see how he fares in the following races.

Definitely, Honda is working diligently to improve the RC213V and provide the Spanish rider a more competitive bike. Although there won’t be any radical changes any time soon, it is hoped that these improvements will help the talented rider to get back in shape and get back to competing at the top of MotoGP. Followers of this exciting sport will no doubt be eager to see how the season pans out after the break, and how Márquez deals with the challenges ahead. present.

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