Homeless clubs will honor Maradona

The homeless clubs announced this Thursday a new tribute to the late star Diego Maradona for his 61st birthday in the former sports city of Boca between 10 and 14 on Saturday. The event, which will consist of a sports clinic, with different samples and exhibitions, will be held at Avenida España 2040 in Costanera Sur, in commemoration of what would be a new birthday for Maradona, who passed away on November 25. In addition, a set of sports kits will be delivered for those present, as reported by the organization.

“‘Homeless clubs’ mean an opportunity to access sports and a very important space for inclusion for boys, girls and young people from the popular neighborhoods of the City of Buenos Aires,” they explained in the call. “Although these clubs still do not have their own premises, they develop a key social function, accompanying the families and making it possible for all these boys and girls to have a happier day-to-day life, building a hopeful future” , they closed.


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