The writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming feared that the costume of Peter Parker is not too similar to that ofIron man. Homecoming (2017) was the first solo film of Tom holland in the costume of Spiderman and in Marvel cinematic universe. Four years later, the first trilogy Spider-Man MCU is coming to an end with the highly anticipated No Way Home, coming December 15th.

The screenwriter of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jonathan goldstein, recently took to Twitter to talk about his work on the debut solo film by Spiderman in the MCU and respond to some thoughts about the costume made during production. In his post, he indicated that the creative team were concerned that the costume was too close to the dynamics ofIron man and of Jarvis.

It ended up working, but we were skeptical that the Spider suit spoke. We thought it brought us too close to Iron Man and Jarvis.

Spider-Man: Homecoming brought a radical change to the world of the weaver by adding to the costume an artificial intelligence named Karen (played by Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly) that Peter can talk to, as well as plenty of gadgets other than the usual spider weapons. All of these were gifts from Tony stark, and were a big part of the storyline of the film: how Peter Parker was going to master this new gear? Looking back, it was easy to see the similarities between Peter Parker, Spiderman 2017 version and Tony Stark, Iron Man 1 from 2008.


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