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If it was not necessarily expected, the return of the sisters Sanderson was expected. 29 years after the first opus, the announcement of a sequel had aroused a certain curiosity full of nostalgia. But it was without counting on the annoying tendency of the Disney studios to bring out a success, even late in the present case, and to withdraw all its authenticity from it.

Despite a promising start, the film never really takes off.

Certainly we do not sulk the pleasure of seeing the 3 actresses in great shape for this return, with Bette Midler in the role of leader Winifred, Kathy Najimi perform passive-aggressive Maryand Sarah Jessica Parker takes over the role of the pretty godiche Sarahsame Doug Jones is back as Billy Butchersonbut this sequel made by Anne Fletcher plays the lazy card and opts for feeble fan service and little nostalgic winks without anything really crazy to get your teeth into.

Everything passes, everything is tired, except class. A few good scenes unfortunately do not make a good movie.

The voluntarily kid’s friendly tone is pushed to the maximum and the whole, from the dialogues to the acting of the secondary actors, is exasperatingly flat. The visual effects are of quality, but in the service of a story modeled on the first film which vaguely takes the trouble to modify a few details so as not to pass for a dowdy remake.

Level treatment of the characters it’s the same observation, everything is centered on the 3 witches, the rest of the cast inherits a summary treatment which tosses between standard male character, primary, totally stupid and quick to betrayal, and female characters stereotypical and forgettable as possible. We could replace the 2 assertions of the character of Becca, by anyone else that we would not see the difference. Another example of conventional and lazy mediocrity, just good enough to fulfill the specifications.

More hollow and conventional than ever.

The light tone and the humor also feel warmed up with the exception of a few sympathetic scenes of Sanderson in the face of today’s world, nothing really new. The exchanges are flat, agreed and without dramatic scope of any kind. Again, it is only on the 3 central characters that efforts seem to have been made. In addition, the reason for the embarrassment/disgust caused by the fact that Gilbert, an adult, is not a virgin. If still it had been shot in a fun way, okay, but there, the character finds himself embarrassed to affirm that he is not a virgin. The reaction from Izzy is exaggerated, not to say stupid. But this is only a detail, because the film is full of leaden dialogue and humor without rhythm.

The digital effects, on the other hand, are very well done.

The musical passages are also truncated and seem hasty. where the title “Hocus Pocus” had marked the spirits in the first opus, the cover of “One way or another” of blonde nothing like the original. The nursery rhyme to attract children to them is also used stealthily and once again acts as a clumsy easter egg.

The cleanest forest in cinema.

Without being a disaster, the return of the Sanderson witches is not worth the first episode. The lazy narration of a starving tale is saved from shipwreck by the presence and charisma of the three main actresses. Special mention to the three young actresses who play the Sanderson sisters as children, they captured the essence of their characters without falling into caricature. A nice but wobbly film which, once finished, just makes you want to see the first one again to be forgotten. After 29 years of waiting, we were entitled to expect better from this not-so-large-scale sequel.

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