Historic victory for the United States after 25 losses

Historic victory for the United States after 25 losses

The United States, which had not played in a World Cup since 2001, achieved a historic victory today: the first in 26 games, thus breaking its 0-25 mark since 1964, the year he debuted in the elite. His rival has been Morocco, with a tight finish: 27-28. In the last minute Álex Chan, Spanish and center back for Cisne, broke the equalizer (26-27), Morocco equalized, and in the last seconds Bofana added the 26-27 goal.

Two years ago, the United States was unable to play the World Cup in Egypt due to the multiple cases of COVID in its squad a few days before the World Cup. Bofana, of Egyptian origin, was left with honey on his lips from playing in front of some relatives; today he has taken his revenge by being the top scorer, six goals, one more than Chan, who added them in 24 minutes, and that he was also in that squad, like pivot Donlin, then in the ranks of Ademar who was paid by his army to apply himself to handball, and who is still on the squad. Another notable player is Ty Reed, who has gone through Flensburg, and who in 2012 was American football champion with the University of Alabama where he was quarterback..

Although it is not historic, Egypt’s victory over Croatia is also striking, predictable but not so forceful: 31-22 for the Spanish squad Roberto García Parrondo, who dominated the clash at all times, and who had his most brilliant player in ex-Barcelona player Ali Zein, while Cindric (Barça) barely counted for the Croats, who only had help from Igor Karacic .


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