The arrival of the Italian attacker would have the price of an important departure

For weeks the RCD Espanyol has been negotiating the arrival of the Italian striker Simone Zaza. The new coach Perico, Diego Martinezdoes not want to neglect any detail in his sports field and the forward seems necessary to reinforce, and more knowing that one of his stars could leave.

various information about the Spanish environment they affirm that the attacker from Madrid RDT He is in the sights of several European teams, and the sports management is willing to make a good box with the scorer. The coach does not like the movement at all, but he must also worry about who will take his place, being the transalpine ram the most suitable.

Spanish Zaza
RDT is valued at 25 million euros, but Espanyol plans to get much more money than that figure.

Simone Zaza’s price is the least important for Espanyol but there is a small uncomfortable detail

The Italian striker is about to enter the last year of his contract and Torino wants to cash in on his departure. Right now the striker is valued at one million euros, but the Toro club is asking for 3 kilos. The maximum that the Perico club can offer is 1.5 kilos, a figure that would be received by the transalpine team taking into account the remaining time of his contract.

The problem then would be the striker’s file, since it reaches almost 3 million euros per season. The attacker is not willing to lower his salary and if necessary he will stay to fulfill his last year of contract at Torino. On the other hand, the sports management headed by Domingo Catoira analyzes what they can do.

If they sell RDT for a good price, Espanyol would be willing to pay Zaza’s card

Right now the striker is on the agenda of several teams both in Spain and in other countries. For example, Atlético has tracked him down and has included him as one of their candidates to relieve Luis Suárez. Barcelona also showed interest in the attacker, but this interest has been diminishing over time, although it is not ruled out that this market will return to the ring.

Internationally, Arsenal are leading the charge as they look to replace Alexandre Lacazette. In Italy, Juventus is still looking for a replacement for Dybala and a good partner for Vlahovic. RDT is valued at 25 kilos and the Perico club is looking for an offer that reaches 35 or 30 million euros. If they get it for this summer market, the arrival of Simone Zaza will be a fact.


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