Historic double between Mar Molné and Fátima Gálvez in Almaty

The Spanish Mar Molné and Fátima Gálvez signed a historic and brilliant double in the trap test of the Shooting World Cup that is being disputed in Almaty (Kazakhstan), by taking the gold and silver. After a classification in which the Australian Catherine Skinner passed as the first tied with the Italian Silvana Stanco and with one more plate than Gálvez and two more than Molné, both were undisputed protagonists in the fight for the medals.

The Italian Jessica Rossi was the first to be eliminated (15 plates) and was followed by the Polish Sandra Bernal (21) and the Italian Silvana Stanco (26). Meanwhile, Molné had started his festival. She was the only one with full hits in the first batch of five shots and he no longer relinquished control of the test, because he only made one mistake in the next two rounds and in the fourth he hit all of them again.

Fatima Gálvez progressed with more problems, but he managed to overcome the different stages of the final until they stayed to fight for the Skinner medals and the two Spanish ones, with a clear advantage for Molné, which preceded the Andalusian. Despite being the youngest at only 21 years old, Molné knew how to remain calm and focused, quite the opposite of the Australian, whose hopes of avoiding the Spanish double vanished with three consecutive errors.

So that Molné and Gálvez were left alone to play the gold and silveralthough with three plates ahead of the first (34-31), a difference that did not escape him because the shooter from Baena (Córdoba), Olympic champion, made three consecutive errors and left him the victory on a platter, ultimately for a total of 42-37.

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Molné thus adds his second gold of the year after winning the Rabat test after a true demonstration of his quality. The woman from Tarragona, despite her youth It is a reality of the Spanish Olympic pit and a great future lies ahead with Fátima Gálvezwho added his twenty-first podium in the World Cup.

Bad day for Alberto Fernández

In the men’s final Alberto Fernández was eliminated after the first 25 shotstied at 21 shots with four other competitors, but harmed by having entered the final as sixth and last classified.

Fernández, Olympic champion for mixed teams with Fátima Gálvez, was fifth after ten shots, with 8 hits, and fourth after twenty, with 17 hits. In the following series of five he missed his third plate, so he could not pass the total of 21, the same as James Willet, from Australia, Giovanni Pelliello, from Italy, and Bhowneesh Mendirata.from India, who had been better in the qualifying round.

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