The topic of complicated beginnings was fulfilled for Spain, who won suffering before the Czech Republic (28-26), a difference so small that it generates doubts about the real value of this new revamped Selection. Yes, It can be said that Mrkva, the future Kiel goalkeeper, was so inspired that at the moment he was close to 50 percent correct, but the quality of the goal portrays the ineffectiveness of the attack sometimes in one against one simple in the six meters.

Nor can it be said that the Spanish defense was almost tall, because that a team like the Czech, which has always lost to Spain (10 defeats with this one), its attack took out oil in situations in which it was in a hurry and very limited in number of quality troops, it achieves 26 goals, it is not to throw away rockets.


Everything is not bad, by discounting. Spain did not lose balls, a subject that chokes him and the Selection on many occasions. And if that control is maintained throughout the European Championship, it can always be improved because there are players who in clear situations of advantage do not fail, and since statistics are met in sport, success is to be expected in the future.

The party was never straightened out and with the wind in its face. It was necessary to go back to the beginning, it was always sent, but never with more than four goals in income. I mean, the Czechs were always there, insisting. They worked on 6-0 and 5-1, and although they opted for a single change, after 10 minutes we were already with two relays of defense and attack.

The reality is that between the exclusions (time in superiority) and the turnovers, Spain had more possibilities to attack comfortably and more times. That offset the presence of Mrkva, and despite the fact that it was the veterans, like Gurbindo and Antonio García, who scored the important goals, to Tarrafeta, Casado and Peciña, the debutants in a high-level championship, It was the day to get rid of the nerves. And Spain needs them because on Saturday Sweden will not be the same.