His name was removed from the shirt at the 2023 Asian Cup match with Pakistan

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Asia Cup 2023 will be organized in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Although the entire tournament used to be held only in Pakistan, the ACC added Sri Lanka as a venue for the Asian Cup after Team India refused to travel to Pakistan. 4 Asian Cup matches will be played in Pakistan and 9 matches in Sri Lanka. The host country of the Asian Cup is still Pakistan. But in the meantime, in the first match of the Asian Cup between Pakistan and Nepal, something happened that would not please the Pakistani fans. Even after he was the host, there was a great game with his team.

This happened to Pakistan

At the Asian Cup or other major tournaments, it has been noted that all teams’ shirts have the name of the host country below the name of the tournament. This is a long-standing tradition in cricket, but this time the name of the Asian Cup hosts does not appear on a team’s shirt. This means that the game with Pakistan was played again. You may think that the Asian Cup matches will also be played in Sri Lanka, which is why the name of Pakistan was not listed as the host country. But it is not like that. In 2021, when matches of the T20 World Cup were played in Oman and the United Arab Emirates, the name of India was on the shirts of all teams. At the same time, the 2022 Asian Cup was also hosting matches in the United Arab Emirates, but as the host country, Sri Lanka’s name was on all teams’ shirts.

Pakistan’s Asian Cup record

The Asian Cup was last held in Pakistan in 2008. We tell you that Pakistan has only won the Asian Cup title twice. He won this title in 2000 and 2012. The Pakistani team was also second at the last Asian Cup. Pakistani players are currently in excellent form in ODIs. His team has already reached first place in the ICC ODI rankings before the Asian Cup. The first match of the Asian Cup will be played between Pakistan and Nepal. In such a situation, click on the link given below to check the live score and updates of this game.

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