In India, Hindu sisters, fulfilling their father’s last wish, donated millions of rupees for Eid Gah.

According to Indian media reports, fulfilling the last wish of their late father, two Hindu sisters paid more than Rs. Donated 2.1 acres of land.

The move by the Hindu sisters affected the Muslim community so much that they prayed for the death of their father, Birjanand Prasad, who passed away during Eid-ul-Fitr prayers in the late 80’s in 2003.

Anita, 62, and her sister Saroj, 57, were praised for their work at a time when Muslims in India are being tortured and their property is being damaged.

According to reports, the father of the two sisters had told his close relatives before his death that he wanted to donate some of his agricultural land for the expansion of Eidgah but before he could share his last wish with his daughters. passed away.

Her two daughters, who live in Delhi and Meerut, recently learned of her last wish for a return through relatives.

He immediately approached his brother Rakesh, who lives in Kashipur, to get his consent and he gladly agreed.

When contacted, Rakesh said, “It was our duty to respect my father’s last wish. My sisters have done something that will give them peace of mind.”