Hindu extremists once again openly threatened the famous Muslim comedian

Hindu extremists have once again come out against the well-known Indian comedian Manoor Farooqui, a member of the ruling party BJP has announced that if an attempt is made to organize Manoor Farooqui’s show, he will burn down the place. And the comedian will be subjected to torture.

Munawar Farooqui has been banning Hindu extremists since last year with his controversial jokes. Extremists claim that Munawar mocks Hindu deities while also criticizing the government and touching on sensitive issues. make

Since last year, 12 shows of Manoor have been canceled due to threats from Hindu extremists.

Now recently it has been announced to hold a show in Hyderabad, on which once again the extremists have been mobilized.

Raja Singh, a Member of Parliament of Bharatiya Janata Party, has announced that if Manoor Farooqui’s show is held, he will burn down the venue of the program and Manoor will also be subjected to torture.

Raja Singh says that comedian Manoor Farooqui made fun of Hindu gods and goddesses and now if he tries again, we will teach him a lesson.

He has announced that wherever Manoor is invited for the show, he will set the place on fire.

Raja Singh has also written a letter to the Telangana Director General of Police demanding that Manoor should not be allowed to stage the show as it will hurt the religious sentiments of the people and may pose a threat to law and order.

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