Hillary Clinton and Harris Campaign for Governor of New York

The US Vice President, Kamala Harris, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supported the governor of New York, also a Democrat Kathy Hochul, at a campaign event on Thursday, whom the polls place in a much tighter race than expected for keep his position in the elections next Tuesday.

Hochul came to the post last year, after Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned over allegations of sexual harassment, and faces Republican candidate Lee Zeldin at the polls.

In recent weeks, polls suggest that Zeldin – with a campaign focused on the problem of crime – is close to Hochul, despite the fact that the Democrat initially started with a comfortable margin.

Hochul, the first woman to govern New York, was accompanied today by two of the most relevant female figures of her party at an event held in Manhattan to try to promote participation in next week’s elections in the city, an important bastion democrat.

In addition to Clinton – who lives on the outskirts of the Big Apple and was twice a senator from this state – and Harris, New York Attorney General Letitia James, another influential progressive figure, also participated in the rally.

The protection of access to abortion in the state, after the ruling approved this year by the Supreme Court, is one of the axes of Hochul’s campaign, which used today’s act to encourage women to vote and protect their rights.

At the event, held at Barnard College, Clinton recalled the recent reversal of abortion in the US and said that Hochul’s opponent, Zeldin, and Republicans in general, want "turn the hands of the clock backwards on women’s rights".

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Democratic concern for New York ahead of these elections has become evident in recent weeks, with President Joe Biden traveling to the state on more than one occasion to promote some of his most popular measures.

The concern comes not only from the race for the governor’s post, but also from New York’s representation in Congress, which with a new electoral map in the state that has created several highly disputed seats.

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