Hiker lost in mountain ignores calls from rescuers because number was unknown

As help continued to search for him, the lost man finally returned home in the early morning hours.

If you are lost in the mountains, it is better to pick up your phone at the slightest repeated call. Even if the number is unknown and you fear yet another direct sales call. Because the unknown number may be that of rescuers who have gone looking for you. This adventure truly happened to an American hiker lost for 24 hours on Mount Elbert in the heart of the Rockies in Colorado. Gone in the morning around 9 a.m., he was still not back in the early evening, reports CNN. He had lost sight of the path by nightfall.

Worried, his relatives decided to alert Lake County Search and Rescue (LCSAR). A rescue team then goes in search of the hiker until 3 am, in vain. Another team left the next day at 7 am to find him, but again in vain. Finally, the lost man returned to his home on his own in the morning unharmed.

“Answer the phone! “

The hiker explained to his relatives that he had no idea that help was looking for him. On its Facebook page, LCSAR recounted this incident to prevent it from happening again with other lost walkers.

“The hiker ignored our repeated phone calls because he didn’t recognize the number. If you are late on your route and start receiving repeated calls from an unknown number, answer the phone! Maybe this is a team trying to find out if you are safe! », Warns LCSAR. A tip that also works for hikers in the heart of the Pyrenees or the Alps.

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