Hijab Prohibition, Important Order for Controversial Judges

The Karnataka Chief Minister has decided to provide strict Y-category security to the judges who have given controversial verdicts on the hijab ban.

According to Indian media, Karnataka Chief Minister Basuraj Bomai has said that the three judges of the High Court who upheld the Karnataka government’s decision to ban hijab in schools will be given Y-category security.

He said that all the three judges would be given Y category security. “We have directed the DG and IG to conduct an immediate inquiry into the death threats against the judges,” said Basuraj Bomai.

Basuraj Bomai said that a complaint has been lodged at the Vidhan Sabha police station against the judges who had pronounced the verdict. In this case, the DG and IG have been directed to immediately investigate the matter and go to the bottom of the matter.

Protests are also being held in several places against the controversial court decision regarding hijab ban.

Police, on the other hand, have started arresting Muslims under the guise of hijab controversy and arrested two people from Tamil Nadu on Saturday. According to Tamil Nadu police, Kooi Rehmatullah was arrested in Trincomalee, while S Jamal Muhammad Usmani, 44, was taken into custody in Tanjore.

It is to be noted that Indian MP Asaduddin Owaisi and former Chief Minister of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti have strongly reacted to the controversial decision of the court regarding ban on hijab.

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Asaduddin Owaisi had said in a statement on the social networking site Twitter that the majority did not agree with the decision of the Supreme Court, it is right to disagree with the decision of the High Court, hopefully the petitioners will appeal against the decision.

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Mufti described the Karnataka High Court’s decision as “very disappointing” and said that while talking about women’s empowerment, their right to choose was being denied, not just a matter of religion but freedom of choice. is also.

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