The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD) reported this Thursday that the monthly variation of the consumer price index (CPI) last September was 0.45% and that the accumulated inflation of the first nine months of the year (January-September) stood at 5.88%.

Variation by groups

The BCRD notes that The group with the greatest contribution to the growth of the CPI in September 2021 was food and non-alcoholic beverages, varying 0.57%. Other groups that recorded price increases that contributed to the month’s inflation were restaurants and hotels (0.91%), miscellaneous goods and services (0.46%), education (1.65%), housing (0.30%), transportation (0.16%) and furniture and household items (0.57%).

The document explains that the growth of 0.57% in the CPI of the food and non-alcoholic beverages group responds to the increases verified in the prices of onions (18.36%), garlic (13.06%), soft drinks (3.13%), beef ( 3.41%), water bread (3.52%), sobado bread (1.62%), rice (0.35%), tomatoes (4.53%), soybean oil (0.78%), aubergine (6.69%) and green pigeon peas (3.35%) ). In the opposite direction, Green bananas (-4.47%), avocados (-11.39%), green bananas (-3.41%) and ripe bananas (-4.25%) showed price decreases.

It adds that the CPI of the restaurants and hotels group grew 0.91% as a result of the increases in the prices of food services served outside the home such as the dish of the day (0.89%), chicken service (1.35%), food with accompaniment (0.90%) and empanadas (1.35%).

“It should be noted that the increase that continues to register the price index of this group, responds to the price increases of the basic inputs for its production, including meats, oils, rice, breads, sausages, cheese , among others, that directly affect the increase in the prices of these services, ”the note states.

Regarding the growth of 0.46% verified in the CPI of the group of diverse goods and services, it is mainly explained by the price increases of personal care services, such as men’s haircuts (1.37%), washing and hair styling (0.31%) and personal care items (0.36%).

The monthly report of the BCRD establishes that the price index of andThe ducation registered an increase of 1.65% in September compared to August 2021, reflecting the increases in private school enrollment and some university tuition fees., which are seasonally recorded in the month of September.

The cost of primary education varied 1.97%, secondary 2.45% and preschool 2.42%, while university education increased 0.99%. Other components of school spending that registered price increases were books (0.58%) and school transportation (25.96%).

Regarding the variation of 0.30% reflected by the index of the housing group, the BCRD explains that it is due to the rise in housing rental services (0.28%) and garbage collection (7.91%), as well as the increase of 0.31 % in the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for domestic use.

The 0.16% variation of the group’s CPI tThe transportation is mainly due to the price increases of the school transport service (25.96%), the driver’s license (72.73%), bus transportation services of associated companies (1.96%), vehicle repair services (0.50%), tires (0.91%), vehicle filters (1.56%) and spark plugs (2.86%).

In addition, the average price of fuels in September was slightly higher than the previous month, resulting in a variation of 0.32% for regular gasoline and 0.16% for gasoline. premium, liquefied gas for vehicles (LPG) by 0.32% and diesel by 0.31%. In the opposite direction, there were reductions in the prices of air tickets (-21.02%), emphasizing that the variation of this group was not of greater magnitude.

The growth in the price index of the furniture and household items group was 0.57%, as a result of the increase in the prices of some household appliances such as gas stoves (1.65%), washing machines (1.04%), refrigerators ( 0.63%), air conditioning equipment (1.96%), beds (1.48%), living room sets (0.86%), dining room sets (0.80%), as well as the increase in the prices of cleaning products (0.27%) and domestic service (0.46%).



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