Heurtel liquidates the most passionate derby with a triple in extremis

Advance | The Madrid derby at the ACB, the only one possible now after the relegation of Estudiantes (leader of the LEB), regained passion and left us with a final on the wire and several conclusions. The first thing, the denouement, resolved with a triple by Heurtel on the horn: 85-88. A triumphant shot generated by Llull, who together with Causeur was the best of the last quarter. He attracted the defense with his penetration from the right very close to the rim and assisted the Frenchman from inside to outside to nail it with the loaded shotgun and his feet well positioned at a 45-degree angle to the baseline. The winning basket number 25 of the Laso era, that of the premiere of Heurtel in white in these matches.

And now, yes, let’s go to the conclusions. The first, not everything is how it begins (15-30). The second, the Urbas Fuenlabrada squad deserves that the sanctioning file opened by the club this week for its poor performance in Murcia remains in limbo. The third, Madrid is a very bad enemy to play you at the last minute. And if they want a fourth, we must always bet on the quarry, although there are risks and dynamics often change, and not for the better, as happened to Laso with his family, contrary to what Raventós experienced this time with his young people, who They gave momentum after having left Sean Armand and Álex López out of the call due to a technical decision backed by the club.

Causeur was key in the white victory. Applauded on Friday for his defense of Lekavicius, he did a great job against Obi Emegano, and the Nigerian finished with 27 points. I entered him and the center Dusan Ristic (25 and 5 of 6 of three) played the victory in one of the most passionate recent derbies. And as such, there was no shortage of the post-match, in which Josep María Raventós charged against the referee: “It was David against Goliat, but 26 fouls to 13…? And then I noticed a change in the way of refereeing after the second technique to Tavares. David always gets all the worst, 11 free throws to 22, things that happen week after week and I don’t know what to do to stop happening ”.

Madrid came out to play their game: start strong, open a gap and suffer a little day and a half after the ninth battle of the course in the Euroleague. And the plan seemed to be carried out to the fingertips with a whirlwind start, a compendium of many virtues in just 7 minutes that catapulted him to +15: 15-30. Causeur stopped Emegano, Tavares imposed his size, Abalde ran and penetrated and Yabusele and Causeur himself showed aim with two triples each. Madrid shared the ball very well with a Heurtel in command (6 assists then) and, in addition, could run. Fuenla’s aid failed him when a white exterior broke the front row and his defensive balance was even worse in rival counterattacks. The KO was flying over in the first round, and that Dusan Ristic entered a state of grace with 10 points almost in a row until a fortuitous elbow from Tavares sent him to the locker room with a gap in his left cheekbone. He returned, yes, before the break with the same success. Another 8 points for 18 at the intermission. And Emegano appeared (14 in the first part), more comfortable without Causeur. Laso had shot fast rotation and was not at the level of the starting five. Neither Llull nor Rudy nor Hanga nor Poirier… nor the homegrown players, Juan Núñez and Vukcevic, greatly outmatched by the drive of the local youth: the adolescent Bagayoko and the Argentine power forward Juan Fernández, who made his debut in the ACB at the age of 18. And also the ex-Madridista Ziga Samar. Chema González left a few key minutes, in the absence of Ristic, to complete the collective transition from a bad defense to a good one. Fuenla got fully into the pulse with a partial of 23-7 in 7 minutes of the second quarter: 43-41. He got in and set the pace and intensity, Madrid began to play as if his shirt were itching, extremely uncomfortable, without the initial fluidity and clarity of ideas, with up to 9 losses between the second and third periods. Novak and Kyle Alexander joined the local party and starred in a new stretch: 65-57. Lo de Laso danced to the sound of Fuenla, but the last quarter remained. That started good and bad for the whites. Partial 0-6 (69-70) with Causeur and Abalde pushing the car and second technique to Tavares, which disqualified him from the derby. As in Munich, he did not help his colleagues, who needed him. The Fuenlabrada squad was still determined to shake off the record opened by the club, to erase that stain. He gave everything and touched the feat and … the extension after a triplazo by Emegano that equaled everything: 85-85 with 18 seconds from the horn. Time enough for Llull to move the defender and assist Heurte. Triple winner.

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