It is not a secret that the real Madrid look for an attacking player who, preferably, can occupy any of the bands. The merengue team has Hazard, Asensio, Vinicius and Rodrygo for these positions, but Marco Asensio is already considering offers from other teams while his renewal remains stalled, while Eden Hazard is far from his best form and, despite the fact that He will remain in the merengue team, he is not a sure thing in that position if he continues down the same path.

For this reason, names such as Sterling or Gnabry have been considered. The last to sound in this sense has been that of the famous South Korean Heung Min Sonfor which, according to the journalist Rudy GalettiReal Madrid would be interested and have added him to the list of possible additions to the offensive plot.

Son would be a star signing at Real Madrid

The left end of the Tottenham Hotspur He has shown, for several seasons now, that he has enormous quality. Son has scored 24 goals this season with Antonio Conte’s team, in addition to dishing out 10 assists. Without a doubt, he is one of the best players not only in Tottenham, but also in the Premier League, being also one of the best in the world in his position. Large, very fast and with a great kick of the ball both for the pass and for the shot, the South Korean footballer is a true star, valued at 75 million euros at 29 years old. A player endowed with great experience in addition to the quality that he shows in every game and who would be a star signing for Real Madrid.

Perhaps one of the drawbacks is his natural side on the wing, the left side also being the one that best suits Vinicius, who has left this season, but the Tottenham star is versatile and can also play both as a forward and on the right wing , so it could fit into Ancelotti’s scheme. It would be a great option for Real Madrid, which is still considering other names after the hard blow caused by the renewal of Mbappé with Paris Saint-Germain.


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