Herrera and Gavira cannot register their names in Madrid

Due to their quality, background, trajectory and experience, the Spaniards Herrera and Gavira were destined to win the first Future organized in Madrid on the Protour beach volleyball circuit. They did not succeed because they surprisingly fell in the final against the Swiss Metral and Haussener, who won the tournament 2-1 (11-21, 27-25 and 15-13).

In the first set there was no story. A devastating start for the Spaniards, with a 7-0, and everything to order: superiority in blocking, changes of blows in the auction, and the Swiss are always out of place, not knowing who to attack, because Herrera and Gavira, more homogeneous, can either go up to the net or stay in the defensive part

But either that was a mirage or it lowered the tension for the Spanish couple. The second set was balanced, so much so that they were constant exchanges of points. Herrera and Gavira had six set and match balls, but the Swiss, with Haussener defending impossible balls, were able to take advantage of the second chance they had to decide.

The story was repeated in the third. Gavira and Herrera and did not add points in the blockade, neither do the Swiss; but in the end a bad shot by the Spaniards condemned them in the exchange of points: 15-13.

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