The miracle is still possible. In fact, it is closer than ever. The Mavericks prevail in the sixth game with an exhibition that demonstrates an exercise in honor, pride and spectacular survival. A duel that they dominated from start to finish, in which they handcuffed their rivals and allowed themselves the luxury of giving Luka Doncic a break in the final minutes. The Slovenian was the messiah, the spiritual, sporting and moral leader of a cheeky team, chemically in permanent connection, challenging, outgoing and fun. And the Texans enjoyed in front of their home crowd a victory that could be their last of the season in their final game in Dallas. Everything will happen to see what happens in the final duel, a game seven. According to a certain Bill Russell, “the two best words in sport. A new challenge for one of the teams that, whatever happens, will end the season with a well-deserved A+.

The truth is that the Suns came to the American Airlines Center to see them coming. The feeling was that, because at no time did they show a particularly great resistance and when they left the locker room tunnel they seemed to have their heads more focused on the seventh than on trying to overcome the sixth. The result there was still not final: 60-45 for the Mavericks, who had a harder time starting than in their previous two games played in Dallas and went 17-all before speeding up and ending the first quarter 28-25. The Suns resisted until 41-39 before the first great acceleration of the locals, who began to manage double-digit leads. And it seemed that overexertion did not go with the Arizona team, Well, they soon let go, they barely protested fouls and they entrust themselves to the seventh game, at home and in front of their public. A decision that is not always the most appropriate: play the season in a single game in a double scale weapon. Especially when, in theory, the series should have been sentenced much sooner.


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