Hero Alam in the film with Bollywood actress Rakhi

Ashraful Alam, also known as Hero Alam, is often at the forefront of discussion with one activity after another. Now he will be seen in Bollywood. He will do a film in Bollywood. And Bollywood drama queen Rakhi Sawant will be seen as an actress.

The producer of this film is the controversial Aarav Khan.

This news is only available if you keep an eye on Hero Alam’s social media Facebook. Hero Alam announced this news by posting several pictures and videos with Rakhi. He wrote in the caption of the video and picture, “I will work in Bollywood.”

Where Rakhi Sawant will work with me. The name of the film is “Gangster”. Produced by Aarav Khan.

Furthermore, in Hero Alam’s video, Rakhi can also be seen talking about working with Hero Alam.

Where Rakhi exclaims, “Look Salman bhai, I am bringing a new hero to Bollywood.”

In another video, Rakhi told Hero Alam, ‘Hero Alam will be a Bollywood star.’ He will also get Dhanush.’

In this video, Aarav Khan said, “I will do a film with Alam in Bollywood.” I will pay as much as necessary.

Filming takes place in India, Dubai and various countries around the world.

Hero Alam is currently based in the United Arab Emirates. Aarav Khan traveled there to inaugurate a mobile phone showroom. Hero Alam was seen there with Rakhi Sawant.

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